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business value including post-
production that’s 26 percent faster
according to the 2020 IDC
Business Value Report.

870%return on investment after 3 years

100%return on investment after 3 months

26%more productivity in post-production

Better workflow. No matter what the work is.

Faster post-production. Shorter review cycles. Better collaboration. Content creators of all stripes use to take their work to the next level.

News & Media

VICE made reviews 70% faster.

AI transcription tools connected to the API drove massive gains in productivity at VICE Media.

Their Story
Branded Content

A clear view through the cloud at Sundance.

The Sundance Film Festival used C2C to make this the most inclusive and accessible Festival ever.

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Film & Production

JD Dillard flew through 450 hours of dailies.

The "Devotion" director and his Oscar-winning DP took to the Adobe Creative Cloud and to collaborate from afar on this inspired aviation epic.

Their Story helped V/SPEED show how up close and personal they got with a tornado.

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Sandwich uses C2C as the special sauce in their end-to-end workflow.

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Elastique. used to share BMW’s designs with ultimate security from pre-vis to final.

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Full-service agency MALKA uses for storytelling at scale from coast to coast.

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Team Bronco used to navigate an ambitious remote-work production schedule.

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Dream Lens used with Premiere Pro transcription to move mountains for The North Face.

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Whether I’m in New York or London or Ireland, the way we’ve set up Adobe Premiere to function between us, we’re able to deal with the same footage in real time, and was a big part of that.

David Lowery — Director, The Green Knight

The impact has on our workflow is in time. Our team is used to seeing reviews in a unified way we didn’t have even a few years ago.

Arlo Rosner —Senior Producer, YETI

High-quality proxies, fast upload speeds, and talking through timecode-specific moments remotely, gave us a virtual proximity to each other to get the job done.

Greg Wilson —Co-founder and Cinematographer, V/SPEED

Our creatives can leave full essays in the app or create annotations for VFX artists. Having that conversation in has cut down revisions by 20 or 30 percent.

Tyler Hymanson —Post Supervisor, Sandwich C2C has created a workflow our clients can’t live without. When they try it, they realize that it’s that thing you never knew you needed until you have it.

Matt Plaxco —Cinematographer, Old Fast Glass

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