LA agency Sandwich uses from camera capture throughout post-production to keep their team working at peak performance and their creative juices flowing.

Cutting-edge creative and time-saving technology is the recipe for Sandwich’s success.


Sandwich has an impressive reel that’s overstuffed with top-shelf clients. From brands like Starbucks, Warby Parker, and Rothy’s, to tech giants Square and Slack, Sandwich takes complex topics and delivers easy-to-digest bites by adding a generous helping of humor. Responsible for every phase of production from initial concept to delivery, they juggle up to 20 projects concurrently. With a plate that full, how can creative director Adam Lisagor maximize his time and presence?


On a production for client ExtraHop, with two units shooting on different sets, Adam couldn’t physically be in both places. But Camera to Cloud unblocked what was previously a creative obstacle by letting him instantly see what the second-unit director was shooting—on his iPhone, in his hand. He was also able to leave comments or suggestions on the current take so that the second unit could make any necessary adjustments in real time. Plus, they were able to quickly send clips back to the office so the editor could confirm that he had what they needed for the visual effects component while they were still shooting.


By using throughout the entire process, the team stays organized and keeps their multiple projects moving through efficiently. They're also able to eliminate the need for an editor to wait for drives and work through the night to transcode and prep files for the next morning’s session.

We use for all aspects of our projects. For uploading and distributing dailies, for color prep, for sharing assets with remote VFX artists. And with Camera to Cloud, you can shoot anywhere and not have to worry about shipping drives.”

Tyler Hymanson Post Supervisor, Sandwich

Learn more about how adds the secret sauce to Sandwich’s in-demand recipe for turning out informative spots that are engaging and entertaining. streamlines productivity and alleviates stress.

For an agency that’s as busy as Sandwich, being organized is everything. With up to 10 jobs in post-production alone at any given time, the more they can streamline logistics, the more projects they can take on. Additionally, by accelerating the post-production process, they can get to the review and approval stages more quickly, which makes hitting client deadlines less stressful. boosts creativity and collaboration.

Considering the volume and quality of work this lean team turns out, it’s vital for them to be able to stay on the same page creatively. Collaboration between production and post begins in the early stages of scripting and continues all the way through final delivery. Working as a “hive mind,” they rely on to help them avoid creative conflicts.

Also, comedy is hard. Setup, timing, delivery—it all has to click, and sometimes even after countless takes it’s tricky to know whether it will all come together in the edit as envisioned. The Camera to Cloud workflow sends metadata-rich video and audio clips into that include scene and take numbers and timecode that matches the slates, so anyone with access to the dailies can search for a specific take based on script notes containing on-set feedback. This helps them easily find the perfect take that makes the joke play. works intuitively.

Functioning as agency, production company, and post-production studio, Sandwich handles every step of the production process. It’s why they appreciate using tools that give them a frictionless end-to-end workflow that lets them stay focused on what they do best—serving up their unique brand of information contained in humor.