Stamp Productions

Stamp Productions created a 14-spot Bridgestone campaign for the 2024 Summer Olympics using to minimize crew sizes and boost collaboration. Enterprise prepares Stamp Productions to work at peak performance.


For the past 15 years, London-based Stamp Productions has been committed to telling amazing and emotive stories for brands ranging from Honda, Rolls Royce, and Red Bull to fintech giant Octopus. In the leadup to the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, agency WeAreFearless engaged Stamp to produce spots for client Bridgestone, Worldwide Olympic Partner and Worldwide Paralympic Partner and leader in sustainable mobility solutions. Together, they created a 14-spot package, each featuring a different athlete, in a series called “Prepared to Perform.”

Many production companies would elect to fly a full crew out to each location. But as a certified B Corp, Stamp needs to minimize the size of their crew and the time they spend on location in order to keep their carbon footprint within the constraints of compliance. Beyond that, they often have to share sensitive or confidential content across continents quickly and securely.


Moving to Enterprise has allowed Stamp to scale their business with additional security, seat, and storage upgrades. The ability to control who has access to a given project or team, and to watermark assets or cuts, gives Stamp and their clients peace of mind. By using Camera to Cloud on their productions, they can keep their crew sizes smaller while ensuring that they’re capturing the coverage they need—during the shoot—without the editor having to be on location with them. Plus, they further reduce costs and emissions by not having to ship physical media back to the office because everything the editor needs to start cutting is automatically available in the cloud.


The theme of the Bridgestone campaign is that elite athletes rely on preparation rather than luck to achieve their goals. Stamp has similarly proven that their preparation allows them to always deliver the highest quality product—even under challenging circumstances—by utilizing the right tools and technologies. Enterprise gives them an edge over their competitors by increasing their performance in terms of speed, collaboration, and security, while allowing them to do good for our planet.

One of the things that sets us apart is that we're willing to do whatever it takes to deliver the best possible experience. We've grown our business because we've invested in the right tools and equipment, which gives our clients confidence.”

Benjamin Uttley Founder and Director, Stamp Productions

Dive into how Enterprise helps Stamp Productions stay at the top of their game: enables new workflows

Stamp has a small staff that shoots for big results, and embracing new technology in an effort to save time and resources is part of their success. Their first experience using Camera to Cloud was “mind-blowing” as they discovered that they could not only have their editor working from a remote location while they were shooting, they also could keep their clients involved in the production without their being physically present. On the Bridgestone campaign this allowed Stamp’s director to wear several hats on location, while his editor was able to spot check their progress from home base to ensure that they had the right coverage.

As longtime users, Stamp appreciates the fact that as a product continues to evolve with new functionality, while remaining easy to use for creatives and clients. They also rely on the Adobe Creative Cloud and enjoy working within a stable and interactive ecosystem. Their favorite tools are the ones that disappear into the background as they work with collaborators or clients, and has become an indispensable part of their creative technology tool set. Enterprise increases client confidence

Stamp also works with clients from the fintech, automotive, and international sports sectors, all of which come with a high bar for security. When dealing with clients in the banking world, working with Formula One stars, or documenting confidential pre-release IP, the material they shoot has to be protected from getting into the wrong hands. Having already used for review and approval, Stamp realized that upgrading to an Enterprise account would give them the ability to more securely share sensitive content with only the people or teams who needed to access it. And the Watermark ID feature gives them (and their clients) additional peace of mind by allowing them to create visible watermarks instantly on the videos they share. reduces Stamp’s carbon footprint

Because every B Corp has to undergo a periodic compliance re-evaluation, Stamp is able to measure how processes and products affect their carbon emissions. By not having to fly large crews or ship physical media or drives, they calculate that on just one of the Bridgestone shoots alone they were able to reduce their emissions by approximately 65 percent. In terms of saving time, they’re savvy enough to know that trimming minutes or hours on location or during post adds up to significant savings over the course of days or weeks. Stamp is convinced that is key to helping them achieve a higher impact for their clients and a lower impact on the environment.