YETI creates premium-quality customer stories that engage and inspire their customers. They trust to centralize all assets and streamline their global workflow.

See how YETI produces high-volume content for multiple platforms.


With a brisk direct-to-consumer business for their must-have products, YETI needs a robust workflow to support a demanding content pipeline that includes producing assets for their website along with commercials and documentaries for TV, social media, and in-store displays. Traveling to far-flung locations to capture their customers’ inspiring stories, and using this footage for a variety of purposes, they require a platform that helps them centralize assets to be used by different teams at different offices quickly and efficiently.

Solution Enterprise allows the Austin-based company to work with their more than 100 brand ambassadors, their in-house production team, and with production partners in locations from the U.S. to the U.K. and Europe, to Australia and New Zealand. The flexibility of enables them to create a workflow that organizes a high volume of assets, reduces the time it takes to distribute them to all the teams who need them, and makes work-in-progress or final deliverables available to stakeholders for reviews and approvals in remote locations.


One of the things YETI finds most helpful about is that it’s clear and intuitive for many different use cases. Having feedback centralized within Review links eliminates the back and forth of emails, and using Presentation links to communicate to leadership that a project is finished is a feature they especially enjoy. They’re also able to create links for the asset librarians and project managers so everyone can access exactly what they need—whether they’re in Austin or Australia.

The overall impact has on our workflow is in time. Our team is used to seeing reviews in a unified way we didn’t have even a few years ago. We love it.”

Arlo Rosner Exec. Producer and Sr. Manager of Content makes sharing assets easier.

Because YETI film documentaries range in length from 10-30 minutes, there is often a large volume of material that’s been shot versus what’s included in the final film—which gives them a lot of extra footage that can be repurposed for commercial or social campaigns. They shoot at 4K raw, and ingest to the cloud with a backup to LTO. All newly generated assets go into rough cuts, iterations, and versions. It’s why maintaining an organized, and easily searchable, asset library is so important to the content team. makes storing assets easier.

For each project, the final deliverables are generated in the many required formats and archived together. The archived project lives in the same location in the cloud and with the LTO tape, so that all the same raw media that the master drive started with, along with the additional graphics treatments, alpha channel titles, sound design, sound effects, master audio files, and whatever else was added along the way, remain together. saves time.

YETI schedules tentpole campaigns around holidays and seasons, so the team is always on the go. Because the material they shoot is largely documentary style, it’s interview heavy, which means that transcription is a big part of their workflow at the outset, and translation to other languages is a big part at the end.