Xfinity Creative

When Xfinity decided to form their in-house agency, they needed a way to deliver big results—remotely. Using Adobe tools across their content supply chain (Adobe Workfront, Creative Cloud,, and Experience Manager), they were able to save money, increase their speed of delivery, and achieve better retention of their creative staff.

A Telecom Giant Trusts Adobe to Connect and Collaborate


When Xfinity decided to create an in-house agency, they knew they’d need ingenuity and strategic savvy to assemble a creative team that could deliver big results. Building an agile agency capable of meeting Xfinity’s creative demands and revenue targets was a massive undertaking—especially because two weeks into the process the March 2020 pandemic lockdown happened. Which meant that they needed to form a world-class agency virtually. With a three-year timeline.


Christopher Grove, the Xfinity Creative VP of Operations, and Ephraim Gerard Cruz, Director of Operations and Software Initiatives Lead, turned to an Adobe tech stack to accomplish their goal. With Adobe Workfront as the enterprise work management solution that could scale as the agency grew and could easily handle administrative workflows—from project intake, onboarding, and training through reporting and dashboarding—they then added to help the studio team track video progress alongside related deliverables, empower seamless client reviews, and handle versioning efficiently.


Using Workfront as a single source of truth supported the team’s top priority—more time to make award-winning creative work. helped the agency staff improve collaboration with their clients by giving them an easier experience for reviewing work and sharing feedback, which resulted in their being perceived more as creative partners. The Adobe content supply chain helped optimize Xfinity Creative’s processes to such a degree that the team saw a 700% increase in delivered project velocity in just the first year. Beyond that, they were able to gain 3x savings on agency fees from the previous year, onboard new talent in half the time, and realize an 89% retention rate of their full-time staff.

It’s allowed the marketers to really be part of the creative process. They’re using a lot of similar toolsets and they have access to the same information that we have. It’s much more collaborative.”

Christopher Grove Creative VP of Operations, Xfinity

Unifying creativity

Using the Adobe content supply chain has not only freed up creatives to focus more on the creative aspects of their work, it’s allowed Xfinity to source talent irrespective of their location—which gave them the ability to access the best talent available. The all-remote nature of the agency also gave creatives the flexibility to work in whatever environment they felt most comfortable, improving their day-to-day work experience. enabled idea-sharing at any time and from any place by letting team members leave comments on projects in real time to give everyone involved full visibility and participation.

Exceeding expectations

The creative team’s success has contributed directly to increasing Xfinity’s revenue, boosting broadband and acquiring new residential customers. The team also surpassed its savings targets in the first year, creating a cultural shift inside the company. The in-house agency has taken on more responsibility with mobile apps and digital, with the potential to work on more than advertising alone—a demonstration of how their work has had a tangible impact.

Enabling efficiency

Being able to easily integrate the tools that Xfinity most works with is an added boost to their efficiency. They’re working within a holistic ecosystem that enables easier connectivity and even simplifies the authentication process. Next on their agenda is to integrate financial reporting capabilities with Workfront for accurate views of performance and cost so they can optimize their processes for future campaigns.

All stats are accurate as of September 2023.

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