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Frame.io in Final Cut Pro X

Get to your final cut faster.

Work with your team without leaving your edit.

Accelerate your approvals.

Upload your entire project or individual clips to Frame.io for easy sharing with clients. Versions stack automatically and can be placed into a review link.

Amp up your response time

Know the instant your client is reviewing your work—and even when they’re typing—so you can take action on feedback while it’s still fresh.

Your media, where you want it

Upload at you-won't-believe-it speed. Pull down source assets or auto-generated proxies and drop them directly into your edit.

Precise feedback, precisely where you need it

Frame-accurate comments.

Comments flow into Frame.io in real time. When you’re ready to take action, just turn on playhead sync to jump to the corresponding timecode in Final Cut Pro.

Feedback that moves with you.

Drag and drop comments into Final Cut Pro as a Compound Clip. Comment markers stay with clips—no matter where you move them. Reviewers come in as Roles so you can decide which comments to respond to first.

Get started with Frame.io in Final Cut Pro X