Lights. Camera. Cloud.

Camera to Cloud is the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to get video from the set to the people who need to work with it.

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Cut to the future of video production.

Only with, Camera to Cloud lets you upload takes right from the set, eliminating costly hard drives — and freeing your team from the usual production timeline. Dailies are instantly available for editing and review. Video village is now just a click away. And instead of waiting, post-production is working in parallel.


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    “C2C allows us to collaborate and create at the speed of culture. Essential to our day to day operations.”

    Bryan Rowland — Dir. for Maximum Effort

It’s love at first shoot.
Creators of every kind are discovering Camera to Cloud.
And wondering how they ever shot without it.


It’s love at first shoot.
Creators of every kind are discovering Camera to Cloud.
And wondering how they ever shot without it.
C2C in action

How it works.

Simple, secure setup.

Pair your Camera to Cloud device.

Easily link your C2C-enabled device to your account with just a few clicks. Then use the app to add the device and to set up permissions for your account. It only takes a few taps.

Securely connect to

Your C2C device securely connects with write-only access to your designated project folder. Files upload directly to your account, and you control who can view or access them.

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Automatic, organized uploads.

Get proxies on the spot.

C2C uploads high-quality proxy files in formats like H.264 HD or H.265 4K. You can edit these proxies immediately, then relink to the original camera files (OCFs) later with just a few clicks.

More than just video files.

C2C-connected apps allow the crew to upload sound files, camera logs, or color grading files like Color Decision Lists (CDLs).

Consistent, automatic file organization.

From start to finish, all files and assets immediately appear in organized folder structures by date, type, and device. brings order to the chaos.

Man working at desk looking at user interface, editing proxy files.

Instant access anywhere.

View on any device.

Reviewers anywhere in the world can use our apps — or their browser — to view the latest takes, right from the set.

Editors can start immediately.

Dailies upload directly to the connected media bins of most major editing apps, ready to work with.

Woman reviewing dailies on her mobile device

Attend the shoot without the travel.

Make the latest takes instantly available to your whole team — even if they’re not on set.

Avoid pickups and reshoots.

Review takes and make key adjustments while you’re in production to prevent costly reshoots later.

Make different versions faster.

Quickly create cuts for various audiences or countries. Editing can start almost in real time.

Keep track of multiple shoots.

Monitor simultaneous shoots in different locations. Video village is now only a click away.

Engage fans in the moment.

Choose takes from live events in progress, and then post to social media before it’s old news.

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Connect any camera to the cloud.

No matter which type of camera best suits your production, there’s a Camera to Cloud workflow to match.

Digital cinema

Connect the most advanced cameras from Arri, Canon, Panavision, Red, or Sony using select Teradek devices.

Woman operating a camera with a Teradek device

Mirrorless, DSLR, and other HDMI cameras

Use C2C-enabled Atomos recorders to capture and upload from a wide range of HDMI cameras from Panasonic, Nikon, Canon, and others.

Woman operating a movie camera with an Atomos recorder


Install the popular FiLMic Pro 4K video recorder app for iOS or Android, then connect directly to C2C from inside the app.

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A growing universe of hardware and apps.

C2C-certified partners make a growing list of hardware to connect cameras and audio recorders to the cloud as well as connected apps for desktop or mobile devices.



Join dozens of industry leaders who have integrated their hardware and apps with Camera to Cloud.

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Become a Camera to Cloud expert.

Hone your C2C skills with these videos from head of innovation Michael Cioni and post-production expert Valentina Vee.

Transform your team’s workflow with Camera to Cloud.