Content demand is real.
Time for a real solution.

85% of teams feel pressure to deliver creative content faster.
If this sounds familiar, you came to the right place.

Taming the creative chaos

Now powering the Content Supply Chain.

Adobe offers a full set of integrated tools that all work with — and each other — to automate and optimize the content supply chain.


Orchestrating, tracking, resourcing, and streamlining the work. You need all the visibility you can get.


Supercharge your teams with easy access to assets, generative AI tools, painless reviews, and easy handoff.

Activation and Analysis

Fast delivery is crucial — so is easy creation, repurposing, measurement, and optimization across channels.

Workfront and synchronize the workflow so your team can plan, track, and manage content creation at scale.

Project creation sync

Create a project in Workfront and it appears in

Communications sync

When feedback is left in, it appears instantly in Workfront.

Everything syncs

People sync, comments sync, assets sync, project status syncs. Everyone stays in the loop so things can move faster.

Even approvals sync

Most importantly, approvals sync. So it’s clear when an asset is ready.

Adobe Creative Cloud and​ ​enable fast effective collaboration for everyone.

Keep them in the zone

Creative pros can share work — and view notes and feedback — right from their creative workspaces.

Anyone can create

Quickly create beautiful content with Adobe Express and Firefly — and easily share to for review.

Reviews are a snap brings fast, trackable review and approval for your content. Video, images, design, or AI-generated.

Adobe Experience Manager and speed up your delivery across audiences and channels.

Send to AEM

Sending an approved asset from to AEM is as easy as right-clicking and selecting an AEM folder.

3, 2, 1, launch

Assets appear immediately in AEM; easy to find, reuse, and deliver across audiences and channels.

Enterprise-ready is
industrial strength.


Keep all your project files in one place — and everyone on the same page. lets you centralize your media assets and works- in-progress. So everything is easy to find. And automatic version control insures that everyone is looking at the latest work.


Streamline review and approval. makes feedback easy to leave, easy to find, and easy to understand. Creative peers and stakeholders can review, comment, and approve from anywhere, on any device.


Securely integrate with your existing applications, tools, and tech. securely integrates with your existing tech stack — including your own AWS S3 cloud storage — with new Storage Connect. You can even use open APIs to create custom workflows.


Guard your IP with world-class security and controls.

Deter leaks with Personalized Watermark ID, DRM, and Two Factor Authentication. And multiple team management gives you total control over who sees what, when they see it, and how they see it.

That is our one stop shop for anything... videographic or
photographic, its in
if you need it.

Jef Tyler Creative Director, VMware

Boost your Content Supply Chain to hyperscale with the power of and Adobe.