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Creativity and Technology is LA Agency Sandwich's Recipe for Success

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Renowned Los Angeles agency Sandwich has an impressive reel that's overstuffed with a who's who of top-tier clients. From brands like Starbucks, Warby Parker, and Rothy's, to tech giants Square and Slack, Sandwich takes complex topics and delivers easy-to-digest bites by adding a generous helping of humor. Responsible for every phase of production from initial concept to delivery, and with up to 20 projects in flight at once, they rely on Frame.io to keep them organized and their creative juices flowing.

  • 9 years

  • 20 concurrent projects

  • 300 clients

  • 700 videos 

  • Millions of views

  • Countless laughs

Essential ingredients

Sandwich began using Frame.io when working remotely in 2020, and it quickly became an essential ingredient in their post-production workflow. They use it for all aspects of their projects from uploading and distributing dailies to sending assets out to remote VFX artists and colorists. When that work is completed, the artists can upload directly back to Frame.io. Sandwich is also able to use Frame.io for color prep because they can see files in the color spaces that they need to. Plus, they find the UI clean and easy to use, and by eliminating lengthy email threads they are able to have reviews and know that everyone is looking at the same thing. 

At Sandwich, collaboration begins early in the process. The post-production group is involved even during the scripting phase so that everyone is clear on what needs to be done to take the project through completion without hitting creative or logistical snags. The creatives there wear a lot of hats, which is why they appreciate anything that makes them more efficient and saves time. 

Frame.io also helps them work more creatively by keeping them better organized. Especially when working with comedic content, it's important to be able to find what creative director and Sandwich founder Adam Lisagor calls "that magical take that makes the joke play." Being able to find those assets easily allows them to not just save time but also to turn out the highest quality content.

Frame.io gives us a lot of things that our creatives really like. We have some creatives that leave full essays inside the UI, annotations that they can give to editors or VFX artists. Having that conversation on Frame has probably cut down our revisions by 20 or 30 percent, just because we can have them in real time as we're doing our reviews. Tyler Hymanson, post supervisor.

A recipe for the future

When Sandwich tried Camera to Cloud (C2C) for the first time on a production for cybersecurity client ExtraHop, they discovered a new and powerful end-to-end workflow.

With two units shooting on different sets concurrently, Adam couldn't physically be in both places at once. But C2C unblocked what was previously a creative obstacle by letting him instantly see what the second-unit director was shooting—on his iPhone, in his hand. He was also able to leave comments or suggestions on the current take so that the director could make any necessary adjustments in real time.

Now with the C2C workflow, not only can they work faster, they can work more creatively.

I have a core belief that being expert at something is making errors and correcting them in the minimal amount of time. So with C2C, you can see what you did, point out what might be deficient about it, and correct it. You shorten those loops and you’re on the way to the ideal. Adam Lisagor, Creative Director and Founder.

When an agency that's as in-demand as Sandwich can save time on logistics, they can get to the creative work sooner, which means they're able to take on more projects. But, the key contribution of Frame.io?

Frame.io helps us save time, and I want to say time is money but I won’t. Because really, having time is better for our mental health, and that’s better for the company as a whole. Janelle Domek, post producer.

Does that mean that Frame.io is Sandwich’s secret sauce?

We hope so.

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