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Full-Service Agency MALKA Does Storytelling at Scale from Coast to Coast

Storytelling at scale

With offices in Jersey City, NJ, and Santa Monica, CA, Malka Media produces a vast array of content across all of the touch points in today's digital landscape. From social media for Amazon to campaigns for Morgan Stanley and Money Lion to feature documentaries for Netflix and Showtime, their bicoastal operation depends on the Frame.io Enterprise plan to keep them connected and creative. Organization, security, and ease of use are important not just to their internal workflow, but also to streamline their clients' experience.

  • 200 people

  • 50 terabytes of content per week

  • 2 coasts

  • 1 big, happy family

Investing in technology

MALKA prides itself on bringing their clients the best of a creative agency by building it on top of an agile production company. That meant putting editors, animators, VFX artists, colorists, directors, writers, cinematographers, and more all under one roof. But with offices across the country, and remote workflows becoming a necessity in 2020, that roof has become virtual. That's why their investment in technology infrastructure has been so essential to their 200-person company not just surviving but thriving in the changing landscape.

Frame.io sits at the core of the MALKA workflow. Organizationally, they appreciate being able to mimic folder structures as you would on a Finder or Explorer level in order to maximize efficiency. Typically, they base their structure on client and project codes. Within that, they make folders for approvals, delivery, internal review, and external review. That structure allows them to avoid the problem of an internal collaborator leaving comments and having them go out to clients. It's also important for them to be able to archive projects to save space (and storage costs) and to easily restore a project if revisions are requested—which means that they're essentially using Frame.io as a media management system.

Additionally, MALKA uses Frame.io to exchange media with high-volume clients like Amazon, for whom they generate approximately 1500 bespoke assets per month. As part of the process, Amazon sends Malka a lot of high-res files, which upload much faster through Frame.io when compared to similar services.

Between version stacking and organizing things into different folders, we're able to work the way we want to work, instead of us having to adapt to whatever way of working a platform dictates to us. We needed a system for video review that could keep up with the pace at which we work. Derek Brown, head of operations.

Security is key

MALKA knows that when you're working with ultra-sensitive content, security is key. Whether it's a Super Bowl spot or a Netflix documentary, they vow never to be the weakest link in the chain. The Frame.io Enterprise features, such as Watermark ID and the ability to give team members individual logins, ensures that everyone takes a personal responsibility for maintaining the highest level of security. They're also able to easily view a history of the links that were shared with watermarks, and to change or restrict access permissions.

The Frame.io Enterprise features give us the ability to put a firewall around our content. We're able to separate certain clients from other clients, and certain creative teams from other creative teams. You never want to be in a situation where you send a client a link to someone else's video—and that's never happened. Jeff Frommer, co-founder and president.

A great experience

Part of what distinguishes MALKA from other agencies is the way they work with their clients, striving to make them feel as though MALKA is their in-house agency. Using Frame.io to give clients direct access to the creative team helps them feel as though they're there in the room together, collaborating in a timely and productive way. MALKA also relies on the Frame.io mobile app to stay connected no matter where they are physically, which is vital when managing multiple projects across time zones.

When clients get that Frame.io link, they can just make the comments in their phone and it goes right to the editor. From my perspective, they feel like that was a great experience, and the vote of confidence they get from the technology we've invested in means they'll come back. Jeff Frommer.

Even as MALKA focuses on the future of their business by expanding their talent pool and reach, they remain committed to keeping the feeling that they're "one big, happy family." And we're just happy that MALKA is part of the Frame.io family.