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Bring your video, photo, marketing, and executive teams together on one centralized platform from capture to campaign.

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Connect your internal and external stakeholders in one place to deliver faster and reduce costs. It’s all possible with a cloud-first workflow.

Centralize everything

Photos, print, and video content — together at last.

Share early and often

Creatives and stakeholders can all work in the same cloud.

Solve for storage

Store, manage, and organize all media assets together.

Accessible anywhere

Stakeholders can review on PC, web, or mobile devices.

Streamline review and approval

Easy, clear annotations

Everyone’s comments appear together, with the work in progress.

Improve sharing

An all-media cloud-first workflow makes presentations a snap.

Automatic uploads

Integrated cameras and creative apps can automatically upload to and notify teams and stakeholders.

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A professional scalable platform

Lightning-fast file transfers

Move files at professional speeds with the free interruption-proof Transfer app.

All-in on integrations

Accelerate creative workflows by connecting directly with the apps you use.

High-resolution viewing

Review your video in 4K HDR and photos in native RAW format.

Sharing made simple

Unlimited sharing

Share with anyone inside or outside your account, for free.

Custom presentations

Turn reviews into experiences with custom-branded presentations.

Unbreakable file transfers

Web or desktop, the Transfer App rivals speeds of top transfer services.

Over 80% of Fortune 500 companies use to centralize, streamline, and store their whole content pipeline. Enterprise

Enterprise-grade features.

Manage multiple teams

Create as many teams as your projects require — with total control over who sees what.

Scale seats and storage

Enterprise accounts offer a range of seats and storage for all file and media asset types.

Protect your content

Guard your valuable IP with industry-leading DRM, forensic watermarking, SSO, and more.

Connect to everything

Use open API to Integrate directly with all your project management solutions.

asked questions is one central hub that lets you share media, track feedback, and streamline your video, photo, and print workflows so your team can work closely together anywhere. With timecode-accurate comments and annotations, integrations with every NLE, and a simple UI allowing frictionless work between creatives and their stakeholders, is the workflow engine that gets you from capture to approval faster than ever before. To learn more go here. Camera to Cloud is a revolutionary workflow that allows video and photography teams to automatically upload, organize, and distribute RAW or proxy files directly from cameras to creative teams worldwide, seconds after each take or snapshot. With Camera to Cloud, post can begin at the same time as production, stakeholders can attend the shoot without the travel, and creative teams on set can collaborate better than ever before by putting every asset in everyone’s pocket. You can learn more about C2C here. Enterprise is a premium account offering designed to give businesses unprecedented scale and control over their organization’s creative work. With custom seats and storage, next-gen security tools like dynamic and forensic watermarking, along with multi-team workflows, and OpenAPI access for custom workflows, Enterprise is the ideal solution for bringing internal and external stakeholders together to reduce business costs and accelerate creative work. Learn more at the Enterprise page. has been helping video teams collaborate in the cloud since 2016. For most creative teams, video rarely exists in a silo. After countless customer requests, we’re thrilled to release new features and workflows that allow all creative teams to work together in across video, photography, marketing, and advertising. is included with Creative Cloud All Apps, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. No additional payment or registration is required. As a Creative Cloud subscriber, you receive real-time review and approval tools, lightning-fast media sharing and file transfers, direct Camera to Cloud transfers, 100GB of storage, five projects at a time, two users, and unlimited reviewers.To begin, log into using your Adobe ID. If you are not a Creative Cloud member, learn more about Free, Pro, Team, and more plan pricing here.

Ditch consumer cloud platforms and upgrade your workflow.