Next generation
creative collaboration. is one central hub that lets you share media, track feedback, and streamline your workflow so your team can work closely together from anywhere in the world.

Reviews and approvals

Keep everyone on
the same page. makes feedback more specific and actionable, so you can reduce review cycles and speed up approvals. Less mind-reading, more delivering.

Write feedback right on
a frame. Or draw it.

Frame-accurate comments leave little room for misinterpretation. And when words aren’t enough, you can draw on a frame to illustrate exactly what you mean.

All the comments.
All in one place.

Replace jumbled email chains with a single, consolidated comment list. People can leave notes at any time, and the latest feedback is always easy for everyone to find.

Hashtags, emojis, and @mentions. Say it faster. And more effectively.

Scramble around the #color. Show how much you love the cut. Give someone a heads up. Sometimes a symbol says it all.

Comments appear right in the editor’s timeline. lets editors view frame-accurate notes in their timeline. They can also export and upload cuts for review, or share and manage assets — all without ever leaving their work space.

Sharing made simple

Share here, there,
and everywhere.

Shareable links make it easy to send versions for review or present a finished video to stakeholders anywhere.

Unlimited sharing.

Share with anyone inside or outside your account, for free. Reviewers are notified immediately and can view and comment on any device using their browser or the app.

Pitch-perfect presentations.

Turn reviews into experiences with a custom presentation for your work. Choose layout and navigation options that best fit the project, then add your own branding for a unique and lasting impression.

Camera to Cloud

The fastest path
to post.

Send media quickly and securely from the set to the people who need to work with it. Team members anywhere can review photos and clips on any device, and post can start while the shoot is still in progress.

Reduce wait time

Review video and photos without waiting hours for files to copy or days for hard drives to ship.

Start post sooner

Takes or photos from the set appear in post workstations in seconds. It’s like magic.

View from anyplace.

Log in from anywhere and start viewing on your phone, tablet, browser, or Apple TV.

Transfer app

Faster file transfers
without fail.

Move files at speeds rivaling top transfer services, with folder structures intact. And in case of an interruption, transfers resume automatically.


One platform
to unite them all.

  • Editors

    Editors can keep track of feedback from the director, the creative team, the creative directors, and clients in one consolidated, up-to-date list. And even view it right in their timeline.

  • Cinematographers

    Cinematographers can instantly share takes with a director who’s working on a different location and can react as quickly as if they were there.

  • Clients

    Clients can always review an up-to-the-minute version of the editor’s cut right in their app, wherever they are. So approvals move as quickly as production.

  • Marketing Managers

    Marketing managers can choose frames directly from the videographer’s shoot, review the editor’s cut, and approve motion graphics changes to turn around social posts in just a few hours.

  • Directors

    Directors can work with their whole pre-pro team simultaneously on one platform; reviewing wardrobe JPGs, storyboard PDFs, set design files, and location scouting videos.

  • Operations admins

    Operations admins can securely distribute content to multiple creative groups, marketing teams, and executives quickly and reliably.


Work on the device that works for you.

Award-winning iPhone app

Access your content and collaborate with clients and team members anywhere, on almost any device.

Native iPad app

Evaluate color and detail on a bigger Liquid Retina or Liquid Retina XDR display while still roaming freely. Use Split View to keep on one side of your screen and whatever else you need on the other.

Apple TV app Enterprise lets you view dailies or final grades on the big screen. Hold a private screening in a conference room — or your living room. You can Autoplay through an entire folder, Loop play to take a closer look, or jump between clips using the Play Queue.

10-bit 4k HDR

Review your video with high-quality color and picture.

Enterprise Secure Inbox

Access everything you need to view in one secure place.

Photos and audio clips

View and play multiple file types, not just video.


Designed for artists,
built for scale.

Manage multiple productions & teams.

Create and scale separate teams on multiple simultaneous productions. Set permissions to give everyone secure access to only the content they need. gives you control, versatility, and peace of mind.

Enterprise security

Blockbuster security trusted by Hollywood. supports the latest security standards that meet or exceed corporate policies. That’s why 80% of top movie studios and streaming services rely on us to protect their IP.

Digital Rights Management

Protect your IP with encrypted access that stops unauthorized viewing and downloading.

Two-factor authentication

Add an extra layer of defense to user logins to prevent weak passwords from turning into breaches.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Authenticate account members using your existing SAML 2.0 based identity providers with

Audits and compliances

SOC 2 Type II audits and TPN best practices protect you against data leaks.

Stamp out security leaks with Watermarking.

Watermarking adds a personalized level of dynamic security to content you share. Choose between Static, Session-based, or Forensic Watermarking to deter leaks while customizing the viewer experience.


Production that’s way
more productive.

31%even faster turnarounds

25%fewer revisions required

27%fewer rounds of reviews


Production that’s way
more productive.

31%even faster turnarounds

25%fewer revisions required

27%fewer rounds of reviews


Present branded reels to prospective clients.

Organize storyboards, mood boards, and look books.

Save and review PDF documents.

Centralize photo and still libraries.


Move the video village to your iPhone.

Get clips to editors immediately.

Catch coverage issues before striking 
a set.

Monitor 2nd unit shoots from anywhere.


Streamline your internal review process.

Work with remote After Effects animators.

Back up projects and timelines to the cloud.

Transfer large files to anyone, anywhere.

Between productions

Maintain an online brand asset library.

Archive high resolution finished content.

Assign tasks to different departments.

Curate content portals for repeat clients.

It’s that thing you never knew you needed until you have it. And then nobody can go back.”

Mark LaFleur Founder, Old Fast Glass