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Effortlessly move creative assets

Use Frame.io Transfer to upload and download large files, entire folders—or entire projects—with a single click.

Your control center for asset transfers

Ultimate flexibility for how—and how fast—you move your assets.

More speed

Accelerated, indestructible uploads and downloads with a single click.

More control

Prioritize your transfer order and get progress updates for ongoing jobs.

More choices

Configurable bandwidth allocation to optimize for speed or multitasking.

The word on Frame.io Transfer

In case you were wondering.

@Frame_io you guys did it again! Transfer is going to be a life saver! Thank you! So much more stuff added found here
Tony Bueno
Videographer & Photographer
Wow, the new @Frame_io Transfer app is crazy fast. It just pulled down a file at 900Mb/s.
Dan Sturm
Video Director
I had to get a video file to CNN under a very tight timeline. Box was saying the transfer alone was going to be over the deadline. @Frame_io uploaded the file in mere minutes. It's not just a service for video review 😉
Nate Follmer
Videographer & Photographer
In case you didn’t already love Frame.io they’ve just added Transfer, a mass downloading sync app to share files and folder structures, folder support in review links, iOS offline mode and more #postchat
Chris Colton
Video Editor & Producer
Wow! @Frame_io announces a new app to help editors and other post professionals keep media in sync securely while working remotely. Ability to upload EDLs / XMLs is killer! #WorkflowFromHome #Transfer
Jason Bowdach
Digital Colorist & Workflow Engineer
Left a 36 GB file uploading via Dropbox last night because it was moving slow as molasses. Woke up. Upload failed. Uploaded to @Frame_io in 10 minutes.
John Connor
Filmmaker & Editor
Oh mi gato! Downloading over 1TB of files over FTP and it’s taking forever. It drives me crazy knowing I would be done by now if it was via @Frame_io.
Marc Bach
Video Editor & Colorist

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