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Frame.io in Adobe Premiere Pro

Frame.io for Creative Cloud is included as part of your paid Creative Cloud membership so you can start collaborating on video projects right from within Premiere Pro.

Collaborate where you create

Frame.io for Creative Cloud is included as part of your paid Creative Cloud membership and features real-time frame accurate commenting, accelerated file transfers, and free sharing with external reviewers.

Two Frame.io users

Share your Frame.io account with another user to stay connected from home, the office, or on set.

Five concurrent projects

Keep your work for multiple clients organized with support for up to 5 concurrent projects.

100GB Frame.io storage

Enough footage to host multiple 4K HDR projects, audio files, LUTs, scripts, photos, and more!

Camera to Cloud

Send media right from your camera into your Frame.io account over WIFI, 5G, or LTE.

A shared cloud bin

An interface designed so that editors, producers, and clients can access the same media.

Complete viewing control

Choose which collaborators have access to your files.

Frame.io solves the collaborative process of making video.

Frame.io centralizes communication and feedback around the most important asset there is — your video. No endless emails, confusing spreadsheets, or constant app switching.

Direct upload

With direct upload, you can render your Premiere Pro timeline directly into Frame.io. All it takes is a single click, the file will be rendered, your team notified, and your markers turned into automatic comments.

Seamless workflow

Frame.io comments can be viewed right inside of Premiere Pro

No need to import markers. Commenters can leave time-stamped comments from our web app, mobile app, or the Adobe Premiere Pro panel that sync to your timeline—in real time.

Premiere integration with @Frame_io is a literal game changer. Unbelievable in so many ways. Thank you.
Shaun Boyte
DP and Director of Boyte Creative
Frame.io filmmaking collaboration wrapped in Adobe Premiere Pro! This integration will turn your head and blow it up!
Planet Mitch
CEO of Planet 5D
With zero exaggeration, Frame.io has literally transformed the way we work.
Mike Collins
Director at Cinema Mercantile

Track progress as you work

Throw away the messy notepads. Check off tasks as you work, right in Premiere.

Create quick iterations with one-click Auto Versioning

Creativity thrives on rapid iterations. Auto Versioning lets you experiment creatively and meet deadlines—while staying organized and sane.

Import comments as markers

Whether you’re working offline or just prefer to import comments as markers, we’ve got you covered.

Share project files

Easily share project files among editors in two clicks.

Accelerated uploading

Our global accelerated file uploader offers lighting fast speeds.

Upload bins

Upload entire bins with zero transcoding from the source file on your local disk.

Branded presentations

Create stunning presentations of your finished work to share with your clients—or with the world. No login required.

Version management

Whether you’re uploading version 2 or version 22, stay organized with auto versioning.

Frequently asked questions

  • Frame.io for Creative Cloud is a new way for Premiere Pro and After Effects users to enjoy the benefits of Frame.io’s collaboration features, without any additional cost. Those eligible for Frame.io for Creative Cloud will now have access to real-time review and approval tools with commenting and frame-accurate annotations.

  • Frame.io for Creative Cloud features support for two users, five projects, free sharing with an unlimited number of reviewers, 100GBs of dedicated Frame.io storage, and Camera to Cloud.

  • To begin, log into Frame.io using your Adobe ID in the built-in Premiere Pro or After Effects panels or directly through the Frame.io website

  • Frame.io for Creative Cloud is included in subscriptions at no additional charge. If more collaborators, storage, or projects than what’s included, you can upgrade to a Frame.io Pro, Team, or Enterprise plan which is billed separately.

  • Frame.io for Creative Cloud is available to customers with a full Creative Cloud All Apps subscription, as well as individual Premiere Pro and After Effects subscribers. Students and teachers on an Individual All Apps plan will also have access to Frame.io for Creative Cloud.

  • The latest versions of Premiere Pro and After Effects have Frame.io built in so you can simply update your apps and login to Frame.io with your Adobe ID.

    If you like, you can remain on previous versions of Premiere Pro and After Effects. Download the Frame.io Extension from Adobe Exchange and sign in using your Adobe ID.

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On an older version of Premiere Pro?

Frame.io is now included with the current version of Premiere Pro. To use Frame.io with previous versions, please download and install the Frame.io extension.