Version 4 Beta

Collaborate at Every Stage, Across Any Team.

From concept to final review, makes it easier for teams and stakeholders to organize, review, and manage asset-driven creative workflows.

Workflow Management

Customize your own workflow, your way.

The flexible metadata framework lets you easily tag, sort, and group assets into Collections to create the ultimate custom workflow for your team.

Custom metadata

Tag, track, and organize your media your way, with 32 out-of-the-box metadata fields as well as flexible custom fields like status, selects, rating, assignee, keywords, and more.

Flexible Collections

Group and sort media assets into Collections, which act as flexible building blocks — and update in real time — to craft the perfect workflow for your team.

Fields panel

See any asset’s metadata at a glance — from status, to codec, to keywords — all of your file's information in one easy place.

Sharing & presenting

Customize and share from one central place. Present powerfully everywhere.

Unified sharing

Preview, edit, and send beautiful Shares to stakeholders — all from a single view.

WYSIWYG editor

Customize everything — from branding, to descriptions, to security settings.

All Shares list

View and manage your full list of Shares for greater control and visibility.

Your share. Your look and feel.

Create captivating presentations with custom colors, custom layout, and custom viewer configurations. The possibilities are endless.


High-fidelity reviews with high-precision controls. brings a beautiful high-precision viewing experience across video, audio, images, design files, documents, and the Adobe suite of formats.

Greater precision

Scan and review more accurately with new controls like frame-accurate hover preview and scrub, zoom control, and mini maps.

Quality and performance

Experience smooth, high-quality viewing with faster rendering, less buffering, and increased proxy quality and color accuracy.

Immersive reviews

Experience more captivating reviews in the improved full-screen mode — complete with commenting, zoom, and playback controls.

Review & Approval

Give more effective notes with over a dozen commenting features.

Anchored comments

Click anywhere in a frame to leave precise, actionable feedback for more efficient collaboration.

Comment attachments

Attach references, links, and other assets with your feedback for added context.

Emojis and more

Use emojis, comment links, and more to streamline discussion and deliver faster.

File Management

Filter hundreds of files instantly. Organize effortlessly.

Panel-based layout

See everything at a glance — at the depth you want to see it — using this super-versatile workspace.

Nested folder tree

Organize and navigate projects and assets quickly with all-new folder nesting and intuitive drag-and-drop capability.

Bulk upload with metadata

Manage, monitor, and prioritize your uploads. When your uploads complete, tag them with metadata so you can stay organized.

Account management

Orchestrate teams, users, and projects more easily than ever.

User table

View and manage all users across your account from one simple user table, regardless of role or license type.

Project table

See usage details for each project — like number of users or storage space — all in a single view using the new project table.

Invite from anywhere

Invite users to a Workspace or specific Project right from the page, without needing to hop into Account Settings.

Free guest licenses

Collaborate seamlessly with your clients, vendors, freelancers, etc. by giving them secure access with no extra fees.

There is so much more

Helpful features everywhere you look. Workspaces, Notifications, Quick Search, Camera to Cloud, and more.

Workspaces homepage

View, navigate, organize, and manage everyone and everything from one place.

Instant search

Find any asset fast by typing its key phrase. Or use Command-K to open quick search from anywhere.

Enhanced notifications control

Get exactly the notifications you need exactly where and when you need them (iOS, email, In-app).

Upload in real time

Camera to Cloud supports uploads while you’re recording for unmatched production-to-post efficiency.

Unlock powerful new workflows

A native integration with the FUJIFILM X100VI empowers hybrid content creators to automate workflows and deliver work faster.

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