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Work with your team, right in your edit.

Get your projects approved, quicker.

Upload your entire project or individual clips to Frame.io for easy sharing with clients. Your edits automatically version stack and can be placed on a review link.

Know where your client’s head’s at.

Know the instant your client is reviewing your work – and even when they’re typing – so you can take action on feedback while it's still fresh.

Your media, where you want it.

Upload at you-won't-believe-it speeds to a central place. Pull down source assets or auto-generated proxies and drop them right into your edit.

"Being able to upload and download original or proxy footage takes remote collaboration to the next level. The link playheads feature makes addressing notes so much easier."

Sam Mestman

Founder & President, LumaForge

"With the new Frame.io extension, everything is more connected. This opens up workflows for sharing rushes and cuts that I’d not even considered before."

Thomas Carter

Editor at TrimEditing

"I’ve long been a fan of Frame.io, but having it right inside Final Cut Pro X takes it to the next level."

Philip Hodgetts

Co-founder Lumberjack System and Intelligent Assistance Software

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