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Share assets and update revisions directly to without ever leaving your favorite creative application. Discover more with a quick chat. & Photoshop

Turbocharge your creative workflow.

Access Share for Review directly in Photoshop to centralize assets, share securely and automate version control.

Upload directly from your creative tools

Assets are shared from Photoshop directly to the right folder in for fast, organized access.

Share with peace of mind

Review links are generated in Photoshop for you to securely share with anyone inside or outside your account.

Automate version control

Revised assets can have the same review link but different versions in for easy comparison and audit trails.

Share for Review

One place for creative review and approval. powers enterprise collaboration across Adobe Creative Cloud.

Creative that flows

Meet creatives where they are to maintain focus and minimize context-switching.

Everything in one place

Establish a single source of truth for work-in-progress assets, communication, and decisions.

Powered by Adobe

Access a full set of integrated Adobe tools to optimize your content supply chain.

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