Camera to Cloud.

Camera to Cloud comes to RED V-RAPTOR and V-RAPTOR XL digital cinema cameras. Automatic uploads, no additional hardware — this is the moment we’ve been waiting for.

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RED makes C2C history

So many firsts.
So very fast.

The first digital cinema cameras with built-in integration. The first 8K RAW to cloud workflow. The first true off-speed workflow. RED takes Camera to Cloud to a whole new altitude.

RAW to the cloud for the first time ever.

Automatically transmit 8K REDCODE RAW directly from the camera to

Achieve faster turnarounds.

Upload ProRes, WAVs, CDLs, LUTs — organized and ready for handoff.

True slow-motion workflows.

Capture and upload up to 600fps to — ready to share and edit.

No drives to ship. No painful backups.

Reduce your reliance on hard drives knowing that is backed up multiple times over.

Secure and simple setup

Setup is simple as 1, 2, 3.

Setting up Camera to Cloud on the RED V-RAPTOR or V-RAPTOR XL is a breeze. Just a few simple steps and you’re up and running.

Connect the RED camera to Wi-Fi.

Power up the RED V-RAPTOR or V-RAPTOR XL, navigate to the Wi-Fi menu, and log in to your network.

Authorize the camera with the mobile app.

Connect to using the mobile app and a 6-digit user code generated by the camera.

Select file types for Camera to Cloud.

Choose the media file types you want to upload to That’s it, you’re ready to shoot.

Why Camera to Cloud

Cut to the future of video creation.

Camera to Cloud is the fastest, easiest, most secure way to get video from the set to the people who need to work with it.

Get instant dailies.

Increase team confidence in the content captured with the fastest dailies workflow ever.

Loop everyone in now.

Remote collaborators can give frame-accurate notes while the shoot’s still going.

Perfect parity for post.

Send frame-accurate ProRes proxies with all the metadata so post can start immediately.

World-class security.

Secure transmission of media to cloud meets the strictest security audit requirements.

Camera to Cloud has been used on over 6,000 productions by some of the world’s largest production studios, sports teams, agencies, and brands.

Frequently asked questions

ProRes LT is 82 Mbps at 23.98 fps so you will need at least 82 Mbps of upload speed to achieve real time uploads. The cameras can transmit up to 150 Mbps over WiFi and 2300 Mbps using a USB-C Ethernet adapter.

RED has four different compression rates, HQ/MQ/LQ/ELQ. At 8K 17:9 23.98 fps, the data rates are 446 MB/s, 312 MB/s, 195 MB/s, and 104 MB/s respectively.

You will need a paid account or an active Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to enable Camera to Cloud workflows.

If you roll out and you do not want to wait for uploads, you can still back up and/or swap-out your CFExpress media on set as you normally would. Alternately you can use a second camera body or compatible connected device to continue uploading to in parallel with your shoot.

While your uploads will pause, rest assured that you can still continue to shoot as usual. Once your Internet connection is restored, uploads will resume.

Transform your team’s workflow with Camera to Cloud.