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C2C Certified Connections.

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Why C2C Certified

The best cloud-first workflow is the one we build together.

The Camera to Cloud Certification program provides partners with the most efficient and effective way to integrate their hardware and software solutions with our cloud-first collaboration platform.

Co-marketing benefits

Better strategy, social proof, and your own Certified badge.

Innovate and collaborate

Leverage our team, scale faster, and own your category.

Security and support

For your product, your team, and your customers.

Effortlessly integrate

Standardized and automated, with support where you need it.

Co-marketing benefits

Go-to-market strategy

Determine the product-market fit and unique value propositions that our integration will bring to your customers.

Customer wins

Identify and curate actual customer stories to highlight the impact of our workflow.

C2C Certified badge

Establish customer trust with a stamp of approval displayed within your marketing materials.

Innovate and collaborate

Joint roadmap

Align in development release cycles to have a higher product impact.

Pioneer new workflows

Gain a competitive edge by creating first-to-market cloud-first creative solutions.

Scalable releases

Consistent development process allows you to certify new device integrations quickly.

Camera to Cloud has been used on over 7,000 productions by some of the world’s largest studios, sports teams, agencies, and brands.

Security and support


security standards

C2C Connections standards meet the world’s top industry security requirements.

Tailored onboarding
for your team

Gain a competitive edge by creating first-to-market cloud-first creative solutions.

Additional customer support

We share in the support load, including C2C- related questions for certified devices.

Effortless integrations

Managed authorization

Our REST API implements the OAuth2 device authorization and refresh token grant flows.

Automatic file management

Media is uploaded to and intuitively organized by date and device type.

Developer resources

Easy-to-read guides walk you through each step of integrating your device to our cloud platform.

How it works

Make it official in
four easy steps.


Fill out our C2C Certification form to kick off our evaluation and approval process.


Our team partners with you to help integrate your device with our C2C Connections API.

QA and test

Our rigorous 60+ point checklist ensures workflow and security standards are met.


Work with our marketing team to time, target, and launch your integration.

Frequently asked questions

No, a direct connection to is necessary to safeguard the user experience and guarantee a smooth integration. Cloud-to-cloud connections will be blocked by our security systems.

Please refer to our Integrator's Checklist for a comprehensive guide to ensure that your app/device will pass certification. After submission, you will receive a report that outlines the results of the testing process. This report will provide an evaluation of the app/device's performance and highlight any areas that require further attention. Once any necessary changes have been made, you can then re-submit for final certification.

C2C only uploads assets to cloud storage. However, you get a free version of with your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. For more information, see here.

We will work with you to ensure your device meets our certification standards. If certification is not possible for any reason, your device can still be a C2C Connection. However, you will not be able to display the C2C Badge on your products or marketing materials, nor receive any of the benefits associated with being part of our C2C Certified Network.

The C2C API is a purpose-built API designed for hardware and software applications that capture media to be connected directly to, becoming a managed Internet of Things (IoT) device.The Frame API is a REST API that powers all of's features. Our front-end application uses this API, so anything we can do, you can do too.

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