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Agencies use Frame.io to elevate their video workflow

Up-level your video creation process to crush client deadlines, take on more projects, and make better video.

The world's leading agencies rely on Frame.io

Ready to bring your client experience to the next level?

Avoid scattered email threads and disorganized feedback with internal stakeholders and clients. Frame.io is your central hub for video collaboration.

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Easy sharing with clients

Customizable, branded emails and presentations make it easy to manage and get feedback from multiple clients.

Get feedback right on your video

Comment and annotate on video frames to clearly communicate your feedback.

Industry-leading security

Log-in only sharing and advanced access permissions ensure that only authorized users can access your media.

Does your workflow keep up with your workload?

Learn how agency Malka Media implemented Frame.io Enterprise to scale their storytelling and built a first-class client experience.

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From camera, to cloud, to client—up to 60% faster

Our cloud-based collaboration platform enables you to stay connected with all your teams and clients—on videos, images, and more—from anywhere on the planet.

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Edit as soon as the camera stops rolling
C2C is a secure service that lets you upload and stream images instantaneously from on-set cameras to anyone in the world.

Your customizable workbench
Native integrations with your favorite NLEs boost the functionality of your workbench and speed up your workflow. Easy-to-add integrations with hundreds of additional apps make Frame.io a customizable hub for all your teams’ tools.

Get to yes faster
With Frame.io for iPhone and iPad, your clients and team get all the features wherever they are. You’ll never need to worry about giving—or getting—approvals to keep things moving forward.

Take it from the experts

Agency leaders can't live without Frame.io

Between version stacking and organizing things into different folders, we're able to work the way we want to work, instead of us having to adapt to whatever way of working a platform dictates to us.
Derek Brown
Head of Operations, Malka Media
Frame.io helps us save time, and I want to say time is money but I won’t. Because really, having time is better for our mental health, and that’s better for the company as a whole
Janelle Domek
Post Producer, Sandwich
Frame.io gives us a lot of things that our creatives really like. We have some creatives that leave full essays inside the UI, annotations that they can give to editors or VFX artists. Having that conversation on Frame has probably cut down our revisions by 20 or 30%.
Tyler Hymanson
Post Supervisor, Sandwich
It’s so easy and intuitive. The comments and the integrations with Premiere and FCPX make it an important part of my workflow.
Ricardo Garciaturegano
Senior Editor, Hogarth
When clients get that Frame.io link, they can just make the comments in their phone and it goes right to the editor. From my perspective, they feel like that was a great experience, and the vote of confidence they get from the technology we've invested in means they'll come back.
Jeff Frommer
Co-Founder & Preseident, Malka Media

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