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Introducing native FUJIFILM X-H2 and X-H2S and Capture One integrations, improved review and approval tools for photo and design assets, next-gen forensic watermarking security, and more.

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A new way to work

Go beyond video.

With expanded features for photography and design workflows, is your ultimate collaboration platform — from capture to campaign.

Work with RAW photos

From any camera - powered by Adobe Camera RAW.

Native CMYK Support

Auto switch between color spaces for accurate viewing.

Aspect ratio support

View horizontal and vertical photos in their native ratio.

Faster asset review

Move between 1000s of images faster than ever before.

Native integration with FUJIFILM X-H2 and X-H2S

Shoot RAW, JPEG, and HEIF to the cloud

Every photo is automatically uploaded and organized directly from the camera without any intermediary steps.

No more hard drives

Free your teams from the pain and hassle of media management.

Centralized collaboration

Creators can create, and reviewers can review — moments after the shutter snaps.

Download Fujifilm Firmware

New Capture One integration

Centralize libraries in the cloud

Keep your assets backed up — all in one place for easy collaboration and review.

Send edits to and from clients

Save your edits right back to for post or easy reference.

Supports tethered and remote camera workflows

Either fully connected or run-and-gun, lets you use Capture One as your integrated workspace.

Improved photo and design collaboration

Enhanced annotations

View every annotation from collaborators at the same time on photos or design files.

New split-screen comparison viewer

Quickly compare any two photo or design assets with side-by-side viewing.

Better reviews from anywhere with iOS and iPadOS

Updates provide PDF support, enhanced pinch-to-zoom, image swiping, and more. helps every creative team collaborate seamlessly together in the same centralized platform across video, photo, and design projects. Enterprise

Industry-leading forensic watermarking Enterprise customers will be able to embed invisible watermarks at the pixel level — capable of surviving file copies, screen recordings, even external recordings — for the ultimate peace of mind and protection. Coming soon to Enterprise accounts.

Generated on-the-fly

Forensic watermarks are generated within seconds in-app or in review links.

Works for ads, VFX, C2C

Embed in clips as short as 30 seconds - 4X shorter than the competition.

Compliant viewers 24/7

Icons are present during playback in-app and in review links for viewer awareness.

Investigate with ease

Unlock IDs, projects, teams, accounts, user locations, and playback time within hours.

asked questions is one central hub that lets you share media, track feedback, and streamline your video, photo, and print workflows so your team can work closely together anywhere. With timecode-accurate comments and annotations, integrations with every NLE, and a simple UI allowing frictionless work between creatives and their stakeholders, is the workflow engine that gets you from capture to approval faster than ever before. To learn more go here. Camera to Cloud is a revolutionary workflow that allows video and photography teams to automatically upload, organize, and distribute RAW or proxy files directly from cameras to creative teams worldwide, seconds after each take or snapshot. With Camera to Cloud, post can begin at the same time as production, stakeholders can attend the shoot without the travel, and creative teams on set can collaborate better than ever before by putting every asset in everyone’s pocket. You can learn more about C2C here.

To connect your FUJIFILM X-H2 or X-H2S to, download the latest Fujifilm firmware update, available here. Next, connect your compatible camera to the FUJIFILM FT-XH grip. This will provide your compatible camera with the hardware necessary to facilitate RAW capture directly to the cloud. For more information, visit our C2C support guide. is included with Creative Cloud All Apps, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. No additional payment or registration is required. As a Creative Cloud subscriber, you receive real-time review and approval tools, lightning-fast media sharing and file transfers, direct Camera to Cloud transfers, 100GB of storage, five projects at a time, two users, and unlimited reviewers. To begin, log into using your Adobe ID.

Forensic watermarking will be available for Enterprise customers soon. If you’re a Enterprise customer, contact your customer success manager to learn more. You can also book a meeting here.

Centralize your content creation from shoot to delivery.