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  • Accelerate feedback and approvals.

  • Secure, cloud-based storage for your assets.

  • An intuitive UX designed to power your process.

Accelerate feedback and approvals

Epic email threads and delayed approvals are a thing of the past.

Lightning-fast access to your media

Upload dailies, stills, scripts, storyboards, work-in-progress, and more to and access securely from anywhere.

Extra points for presentation

Simple to share, painless to present, easy to approve.

A customizable workbench

Our integrations work natively in your favorite creative tools, and our API lets you tailor your workflow to your specific needs.

Over 1 million video pros worldwide rely on

"Creative people need creative tools that actually help express themselves creatively, and does that."

Henry Goldman
Executive Producer

"Once we started using, it got a lot easier to just spend less time giving notes and more time being creative."

Seth Worley
Director, Red Giant

Best-in-class security

  • Single Sign-On

    Login that’s simple and secure with support for Okta and SAML 2.0.

  • Watermarking

    Prevent leaking of sensitive content with visual watermarking.

  • Secure storage

    Cloud-based storage safeguards all your media.

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