How VICE Media cut their review process by 70% with AI

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minutes per program
hours of daily content
  • VICE Media is a major producer of cutting-edge, of-the-moment video content, with 36 offices and 2000 users across the globe.

  • How could they begin automating their processes to meet the ever-increasing demand for content with faster turnarounds?

  • By using the API and AI transcription services, their tech development team devised a way to automate the once-manual process of Standards & Practices reviews.

  • By implementing automation, they sped up the review process by 70 percent.

High Standards

The Standards & Practices (S&P) team at VICE Media is responsible for ensuring that all VICE programming meets three separate levels of broadcast standards to comply with different media outlets’ requirements.

Highly demanding

VICE’s boundary-bending, often expletive-heavy shows made finding sensitive content a labor-intensive task for a team that had to spend nearly three times the actual running time across all programming in a manual review process

Highly rewarding

By developing an automated process of using the API with AI transcription tools, VICE has gained a massive boost in their productivity by cutting the time it takes to review each show by 70 percent.

A close collaboration

Since 2016, VICE Media has been one of’s biggest customers. We’ve worked closely with them to help standardize their massive post-production operation across 36 countries and 2000 team members—and we can count on them to keep coming up with newer and better ways to streamline their processes.

Early implementation

Their first step in addressing the bottleneck of S&P review came when VICE implemented to help with shows that needed same-day turnarounds. Shows were uploaded to and S&P reviewed them in real time, adding time-stamped notes to for the editorial team. Once editorial bleeped or muted the content, they’d send it back to S&P via for final approval. According to Dee Wassell, Director of Media Operations, that process contributed to their saving over 100 eight-hour days per year.

Innovation and development

VICE’s media tech org is ahead of the curve both in terms of our customer base and in the wider market. Although every media production ecosystem and workflow is different, most are using the same collection of a few dozen tools. The trick is in finding, among the near-infinite ways that they can be used together, the best, most efficient ways to combine them for each organization’s unique needs.

Ted Cost, VICE’s media systems developer, worked with Dee and to “focus on creating programmatic solutions for arduous workflows.” The VICE team collaborated with in real time over Slack as they worked through the steps of using AI transcription tools to identify the expletives and automatically place the data into an easily viewable spreadsheet. The overall project spanned a month of working on-and-off, with Ted spending 10-15 hours on the component.

Shared Goals

"We’re part of an organization that believes in pushing the world forward, both in terms of the stories we tell and how we use technology to tell them,” Dee says. “VICE is doing a lot of development using AI workflows. It’s at a point where we can really leverage it.” And sitting at the core of’s mission is building the tools and tech that help creators like VICE more efficiently push the world forward through their stories.

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