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Buzzfeed x Frame.io at a Glance

An industry giant

BuzzFeed is the world’s leading tech-powered media company, with a cross-platform news and entertainment network that reaches hundreds of millions of people globally. Dealing in both branded and original (edit) videos, the different delivery paradigms demand the ultimate flexibility in workflow structure and speed.

How big is it?

With 500+ new pieces published daily, they average 3.7 billion views per month and are the #5 global media property based on cross-platform social views.

Shows with the Heaviest Traffic

Worth it: trying food and lifestyle experiences at multiple price points to see if there really is a difference between a $399 and a $7,900 suit.
Unsolved: for when you need all the details about the incredible Alcatraz prison break.
Tasty’s I Draw, You Cook: two chefs compete to bring a child’s drawing of imaginary food to life.
Multiplayer’s 100 Baby Challenge: follow along one gamer’s journey as she tries to grow a family tree playing Sims 4.

Huge demands

On a given piece, anywhere from three to dozens of stakeholders may chime in with feedback over two to five rounds of notes. It’s a process that ensures that by the time a video posts, BuzzFeed is confident that it will appeal to a wide audience.

With 150+ team members and 500+ collaborators working to produce content with as little as a few hours’ turnaround, Frame.io is essential to keeping the work moving forward and communications uncomplicated.

Integration with most-used applications

Frame.io integrates with BuzzFeed’s most-used editing platform, Adobe Premiere, streamlining intake and output, feedback notes, and version management.

A wide range of users and challenges

BuzzFeed has three primary categories of users:

  • Internal employees/Team Members

  • Freelance hires/Collaborators

  • External clients

Internal employees, or "team members", have the highest storage and comment rate, but permissioning is straightforward and rarely changes. It's an easy scenario to implement and Frame.io allows them to create teams that group departments together.

Freelance hires and often dedicated to one specific project, which means both frequent changes in permissions and onboarding trading. Frame.io makes it easy by assigning them free "collaborator" status, with reduced permissions and a quick ramp-up. Freelancers can upload files to project managers, who have the permissions to send out review links.

External clients for branded work present the biggest challenge, in that they need to be impressed by what they see, and it needs to be simple for them to access the material. Frame.io’s presentation links can be sent to anyone who needs to view them and things like password protection and duration of access can be turned on or off easily—or can be set to expire.

Optimization is key

API integration helps BuzzFeed optimize the Frame.io platform by providing deep insight into workflow trends, ensuring they're using Frame.io as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The more you know

With a little planning upfront, API customization can keep costs down in the long run.
It provides valuable analytics that help identify trends like the most common frame rate or resolution for deliverables, or things like who the most active users are, or if a department or editor has extra heavy uploads. It’s also easy to see, in one place, who’s not using Frame.io so they can be deleted, saving money on team members who are no longer active. Storage monitoring helps identify which files can be removed to free up more room and keep storage expenses down, too.

Efficiency enables productivity

An enterprise the size of BuzzFeed needs the ultimate in flexibility, customization, and ease of use. That’s why Frame.io’s enterprise-level tools are key to their business model.

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